Posted by: Le Catch | June 11, 2007

This Week On the Album Archive

Next up on the show we have Radiohead’s 3rd studio outing; OK Computer. Some people claim it’s one of the greatest albums of all time, but is it even one of Radiohead’s best albums? Tune in this Sunday at 9pm and make up your own mind.



  1. I have always prefered Kid A, but OK Computer is pure genius anyway. 🙂

  2. I’m an early Radiohead fan…but if I had to chose between Kid A and OK it I’ll take the former. Took a while to really grow on me, but now it’s my second fav of all their work.

  3. I agree. Kid A is their masterpiece. When I first heard it I thought they were just being wilfully awkward, but repeated listens prove it’s utterly amazing

  4. Saying that though, I do prefer the OK project as a whole to Kid A. A lot of the music recorded in the sessions are very very good (I’m thinking of tracks such as Polyethylene Pt. 1 + 2, etc that ended up as b-sides).

    But the two albums back to back….Kid A would get my choice.

  5. I think Kid A is a little too “out there” OK Computer cemented Radiohead as indie cross over mega stars. While Kid A is a masterpiece it’s not really accessible and is a little “fans only”. Looking forward to the show!

  6. I think as John mentioned though….it takes a few listens.

  7. Really, I’m not knocking Kid A, it’s just that it’d s lot easier to get someone to give OK Computer a few spins than Kid A. And when they do (if they are not already a Radiohead fan) they will become one, then you direct them to The Bends, sprinkle in a little bit of Pablo Honey, and then and only then can you suggest Kid A, otherwise their route to Radiohead will be lost!!


  8. Good point. I think the sequence that you discover albums is important to how you view them alright.

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