Posted by: Le Catch | June 17, 2007

Playlist for OK Computer (17/06/2007)

1: Let Down

2: Pearly (b-side)

3: Subterranean Homesick ALien

4: Luck (War Child Version)

5: Electioneering

6: Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 B-side Mix)

7: Exit Music (for a film)

8: Karma Police (live)

9: Paranoid Android (single)

10: Polyethylene Pt 1 & 2

11: No Surprises (live)

12: Airbag (live)


  1. Caught the first part of the show, great stuff. I really do think this is one of their better albums (I Know I Know, they’re all good) Bummed that I missed the Zero 7 remix. Good??

  2. Thanks for listening in Sarah.

    Zero 7 remix is very good. It was a b-side to Karma Police CDs 2. More important; if you can get your hands on the Airbag: How Am I Driving EP that was released after the album check out the track Polyethylene Parts 1 & 2….best….Radiohead….song….ever!

  3. Thanks, I’ll check it out.
    Interesting fact: Radioheads catalogue is not available in the iTunes music store, but if you do a search for it it appears and if you select it it clicks you through to a guy called Oliver Darley who has a new album out with Sony I have the Oliver Darley album cos Sony sent it to me and I stuck it on to have a listen and the cddb gracenote name that came up with iTunes was not Mr Darleys album at all, but Radioheads The Bends Strange but true.
    Oliver does do an easy listening version of Nice Dream (weird)

    Hope you can follow that!


  4. Ha ha! very good…I noticed iTunes is funny when I try to upload my Led Zepplin CD’s…it keeps giving them images of a Dub group instead of the normal album covers!

    *shakes fist at Apple*

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