Posted by: Le Catch | June 21, 2007

Tragedy Hits Dublin Leg of the Tour

Dublin-The Point Theatre, May 11,1996, 9:30 pm. 7000 fans filled the floor at The Smashing Pumpkins hit the stage. 110 security guards scrambled behind the barricades to control the flow of the mosh pits as they formed as the Pumpkins began toplay. A few minutes into the show Billy Corgan could feel that something was wrong. Hetold the crowd to take a step back. At 10 pm, Billy said that they would stop the show ifthey didn’tstop moshing. For Bernadette O’Brien, a 17 year high school student, it was already too late. O’Brien, who was near the front of the stage with a friend and two cousins crushed by the overpowering crowd. When informed of the girl’s injuries, Corgantold the crowd, “I’m sorry we can’t play on. The gig’s over. There’s a girl out there who’snearly dying. We as human beings cannot play up here while people are getting seriously hurt down there. “The following day, Bernadette was taken off life-support at MaterHospital in Dublin. It was announced that she died from massive internal injuries. ThePumpkins sent flowers to her funeral and released a statement extending their condolencesto Bernadette O’Briens family and friends.



  1. God that makes for depressing reading, I’d forgotton all about that.

  2. yeah, it was apretty depressing tour alright….there was this and then Jimmy OD’ing and their keyboard player dying!

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