Posted by: Le Catch | July 16, 2007

Up This Week…

A special show this week as we look at the life of Jackson C. Frank and his self titled release from 1965. It was to be his first and only release as his deeply troubled youth would evolve into an even more troubled future.
His album is regarded as the most forgotten classics of the last century and it would later go on to inspire the likes of Simon and Garfunkle and Nick Drake. But what happened to him in his childhood that brought out such a beautiful album and indeed what happened to him in later life? Well this Sunday between 9 and 10pm on Phantom 105.2’s album archive we’re going to tell you his story.


  1. Wow, I know absolutely nothing about this, excellent!!

  2. Cool! Think you’ll enjoy it! What are your thoughts on Simon and Garfunkel?

  3. Love LOVE JCF. Heard I Want To Be Alone on Phantom the other night – score!

  4. Yeah, I played it on Sunday night. Hopefully some of the rest are playing it too this week.

    I’m about to order an origional LP of the record from Holland…should have it in a few weeks!

  5. Simon And Garfunkel…yeah, definitely?, I’m off to google….

  6. who is this intriguing man….ive never even heard of him either! good on ya catch!

  7. JCF is my Elvis

  8. Now you mention it…on the Blues Run The Game CD release there is a pic of a 14 year old Jackson with a young Elvis.

  9. yeah, he went with his mum to visit Elvis when he was sick as a kid

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