Posted by: Le Catch | August 7, 2007

This Week

The last studio release in his Lifetime…its the fourth album in the American Recordings sessions: American IV – The Man Comes Around



  1. about time too! this is a good one!


  2. Anything to do with being such a covers fan?

  3. I don’t really GET Johnny Cash….I know I know, controversial.

  4. Really? What have you listened to? The old stuff or the American Recordings?

  5. well u do know me, but ive always liked a bit of johnny cash, san quentin is really really good, i think the best is 25 mins to go, he really had it, a proper cool, guy.

  6. Ummmm…I think it’s just a personal thing. I just don’t connect with his music, I appreciate his ability to interperet songs, from humour ala Boy Named Sue to the depths he reaches with the American Recordings, it’s not that I think he doesn’t deserve critical acclaim (i’m sure he does), it just ain’t me, babe

  7. What’s new what’s new? where u hiding?

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