Posted by: Le Catch | August 28, 2007


I love this poster. More here.



  1. That’s pretty bitching!

    Because it’s Australian I knew they’d have this awesome ASH one:

  2. Good call. I still think that the QOTSA tattoo one is the best with PJ Harvey in a close second!

  3. Aww the Queens’ one is pretty awesome alright! I love Polly!!! Can’t believe I missed her one…

  4. mine arrived last week – hand delivered to my door.

    Smashing stuff.

  5. Brilliant! I was making moves to buy a few a month ago but had to wait to get some cash freed up. Which one did you get? And was it framed?

  6. got the Beasties transformer one and the QOTSA tattoo.

    Not framed – costs 80 quid in the frame. I’ll buy them in atlantic for 25 quid.

  7. Both ones I was looking for….great picks! 😉

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