Posted by: Le Catch | August 29, 2007

The Beastie Boys, the Tivoli, Sat 11th June 1994

The Beasties arrive in Dublin to plug their new album …… with support from Scary Eire!!? Whoever they were!



  1. What a top gig. Don’t remember Scary Eire though – is that a good thing?

  2. I think it might be…in fact…their album never got released for various reasons, but word is that it’s set to be released soon enough! Strange.

    Great to see you back online Sinéad.

  3. I saw Scary Eire a few times back in the old days. Higly underrated but a bunch of lunatics. The rapper RiRa is still doing stuff with Adrian Sherwood and DJ Mek is still playing. One of their best gigs was with House of Pain and Marxman (Oisin Lunny’s band) in the Castle Inn on Lord Edward St. I also convinced the Ents Officer in Maynooth to book them for Rag Week in 1993. They tore the place apart. Don’t bother buying their unreleased album, it’s shite. You can check out one of their tunes on an old podacst at entitled ‘Irish Hip Hop & Kids Tunes’. Easy now.

  4. Brilliant bit of info there Matt. I’ll get to work on that Podcast now!

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