Posted by: Le Catch | September 10, 2007

Up Next….My All-Time Favorite Album!

Up this week we’re looking at the 1970 folk classic ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon and Garfunkel. It topped charts, won Grammy’s and influenced millions. But why does it out-rank the likes of Doolittle, Exile on main St. and The Bends to be my favorite album of all time?

Well, to put it simply…it was the first one I ever heard.

My dad is not a massive music listener…in fact nobody in my family is. He had a very skimpy record collection mainly of classical releases and the odd, very dodge 70s pop. But one of them stood out to me; Bridge Over Troubled Water. The reason was that the back of the LP had all the lyrics, which meant that I could sing all the songs with ease. I literally spent hours playing it over and over again. I know every lyric, every chord change and every harmony like the back of my hand.

I now have my dad’s copy of the record framed and on my wall at home (pic to follow) and have replaced his with another second hand copy (not that he’ll ever listen to it).

I went to see them live in the summer of 2003 in the RDS (the same summer I saw the Pixies live for the first time). And they were brilliant. I’m really looking forward to this show now.

Sunday 9pm….Phantom 105.2

EDIT: Just been told by my mum that it was actually her album and not my dads. Sorry Mum!



  1. Great story Le Catch, and a terrific album!

  2. for ever ever, for ever ever?

    good choice to catchyness!

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