Posted by: Le Catch | September 16, 2007

Playlist 16/09/2007

Playlist for Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water

Simon and Garfunkel

1: Bridge Over Troubled Water (album version)

2: Baby Driver (live)

3: El Condor Pasa (if I could) (live)

4: So Long Frank Loyd Wright (album version)

5: Why Don’t You Write Me (album version)

6: Cecilia (live)

7: The Boxer (live)

8: Keep The Customer Satisfied (album version)

9: The Only Living Boy In New York (live)

10: Bye Bye Love (live)  (album version)

11: Song For The Asking  (album version)

12: Bridge Over Troubled Water (live)

Bridge Over Troubled Water Sheet Music



  1. they are total mad men…

    that’s all!

  2. Just compiled an Autumn Playlist and included S&G’s “Leaves that are Green.”
    The blend of their voices has never been matched.

  3. So many great tunes with so so many great harmonies!

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