Posted by: Le Catch | October 2, 2007

Coming Up This Week…


The 14th studio album from one of the greatest British bands of all time, Innuendo was the last ever studio recording by Queen with lead singer Freddie Mercury. Written just after the band realised how little time they had with Freddie it delves straight into the fears and hopes of a band about it lose it’s iconic frontman and close friend.

 Next Sunday at 9pm on the Album Archive, Phantom 105.2.



  1. how about some Bruce Springsteen (for some reason i always say stein)

    Born in the USA

    that new album is great!

  2. Yes…good call! I’ll get onto that pronto!

  3. woohoo!

    can i have a prize too?

  4. Em yes. A cooked mouse.

  5. 😦

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