Posted by: Le Catch | October 8, 2007

Coming Up This Week…

It’s the turn of Ash and their troubled second album Nu-Clear Sounds. As suggested by Rojo.



  1. im not sure about nu-clear sounds…that album is a bit weird

  2. Well, tune in and see what you think after Sunday!

  3. all im saying is i think its controversial…controversial is good though! 🙂

  4. NCS is awesome!

    Here Derek, send me your email address ASAP..


  5. Is that song Wild Surf on Nu-Clear sounds? I fucking love that song…not so sure about the rest of the album though

  6. Yeah it is… personal fav is Numb-skull! Great great song!

  7. The Numbskull EP was cool – had a couple of live tracks and covers of Nirvana’s ‘Blew’ and Mudhoney ‘Who You Driving Now’ if my memory serves me right.

  8. Una, you impress me! 😀

    Projects is the best on that album!

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