Posted by: Le Catch | October 24, 2007

Breaking News From Phantom 105.2 HQ

Phantom Logo


 Phantom 105.2’s first birthday will take place on 31st October and to celebrate its first hugely successful year in business, Phantom will reveal a new line up of Sunday night programmes, on the day, which will be presented by a world renowned rock legend.

Phantom will also host a Halloween themed bash in Whelans on 31st October to celebrate its birthday. The line up for the evening includes Future Kings of Spain, Neosupervital and The Chapters.

Ger Roe, CEO of Phantom said, “We are thrilled with how well our first year has gone. It is a testament to the hard work of all the Phantom team. In year one, we have brought our unique music format to a broader audience, while still allowing our loyal fan base easy access to us. We have placed a heavy emphasis on promoting the Irish music scene, particularly unsigned Irish bands, many of whom are now receiving music industry attention as a result of Phantom airplay.”

“Phantom was named Music Radio Station of the Year at the PPI Awards recently and this is a huge vote of confidence for us. To celebrate our birthday, we are introducing one of the world’s coolest and most enigmatic music legends to our Sunday night lineup.”

Phantom will air this exciting new show on Sunday 11th November, at 9pm.




  1. […] More details on Derek’s blog. […]

  2. WHO?

  3. For now, you’ll just haveto guess! All will be revealed soon though!

  4. i wanna know too!

  5. You’ll just have to keep guessing I’m afraid.

  6. My complete fantasy megastar rockin DJ would be Debbie Harry.

    Well you did ask for a guess….

    As a matter of interest do YOU know and how are you stopping yourself from blurting it out??

  7. Because I have a job to lose if I do! 😉

  8. oh yeah i’m backing Debbie Harry!

  9. Yeah, I’d keep it to myself to, you don’t want to lose your job in The Music Radio Station Of The Year!! (big congratulations!!!)
    Hmmmm….if it’s not Blondie…..then……??

  10. Thanks Sarah! BTW good luck with the name change to Dublin City 103.2. Lets hope the BCI don’t move your freq again!

  11. Interesting… I wonder who it could be…

  12. couldn’t you give us a series of fiendish clues?

  13. This person is famous…..and thats the last of it!

  14. ah catchy, you makin me cry some tears there!

  15. […] This will be announced today! Excited? […]

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