Posted by: Le Catch | October 25, 2007

Up This Week ….. I Hear Dead People

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 










Since it’s the Halloween bank holiday this week on the Album Archive we’ve decided to use death as a choice topic. So the album we’ll be looking at is Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Murder Ballads from 1996. And as a teaser fact: A total of 96 people die in the lyrics to this album…which is pretty impressive going!

I Hear Dead PeopleAnd stay tuned to the Sunday Bedrock from 10pm as we’ll be looking at music from dead people! Featuring the likes of Elliott Smith, Joe Strummer, Freddie Murcury, The New York Dolls and loads more. You’re suggestions are always welcome! The Sunday Bedrock runs from 10pm until midnight, straight after the Album Archive! Loads of great reasons to keep you radio tuned to Phantom 105.2 this Rocktober!



  1. WordPress loads up in a weird fashion on my computer here in work. I never had this problem with Blogger. What drove the change?

  2. It has a lot more functions and generally looks better tbh. What browser are you using Matt? I’ve never had a major problem. I have noticed a few blogs such as Niallar9 loads a bit funny alright!

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