Posted by: Le Catch | November 1, 2007

Meet Our New Sunday Night DJ..

Bob Dylan Phantom 105.2

Phantom 105.2 are very proud to present Bob Dylan’s Theme Time. Starting on Sunday the 11th of November at 9pm. Oh yeah!

To mark its first year on air, on Sunday 11th November at 9pm, Phantom 105.2 will unveil Bob Dylan as its Sunday night host. The station will broadcast ‘Theme Time Radio Hour’ hosted by the legendary Bob Dylan. Phantom is the only Irish station with rights to air this highly accredited show, which will be brought to listeners by Heineken Music.

The programme will reveal Dylan’s deep interest in and knowledge of music. Each episode is an eclectic brew of blues, rockabilly, soul music, bebop, rock-and-roll and pop music. Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour courtesy of XM Satellite Radio – brought to Phantom 105.2 by Heineken Music every Sunday at 9PM from November 11th.

Phantom 105.2 plays the best in indie and modern rock and is available in Dublin on 105.2FM, DAB digital radio and online at



  1. It will be great to hear Theme Time on Irish radio. Nice one.

  2. Who?

  3. The poster looks fab by the way!

    BTW remember that poster company you are reall fond off and you said you would let us know how you got on with getting one, did you?

  4. I still haven’t gotten around to getting one yet! Keep meaning to do it. I’ll get on it this Friday after pay-day!

  5. keep me posted (no pun intended!!)

  6. 🙂 Will do. Any suggestions on what one I should get? I’m keen on the QOTSA Tatto one.

  7. Up to your own taste I think, the QOTSA is pretty cool, I think the Dylan one is FAB, and the Radiohead one is really cinematic and unusual….

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