Posted by: Le Catch | November 16, 2007

Phantasm This Saturday

The Radio, Superjimenez, Redkid and ……me!


Having regained its crown as Dublin’s best-loved indie club, Phantasm rocks the city every month, alternating between band and club nights. As always, Phantom’s deep-rooted commitment to Irish music remains at the forefront of the ever popular monthly event with performances by some of the hottest acts from the thriving local scene.

I’ll be on the decks afterwards so hope to see you all down there!

Admission to Phantasm is €12 on the door or in advance from the WAV Ticketbox, Camden Row on 1890 200 078.

 Be there!!

Radio City (Store St.) Doors 8.30.



  1. I won 2 guest lists spots!! See you down there! 😉

  2. Great job….see you there! I suppose I better get some Ash ready! 😉

  3. ahaha, you know me too well!! 😉

  4. ALSO, I’m bringing a friend who is possibly as obsessed with U2 as I am with ASH, so throw in a song by them if you get the chance. Actually, who am I kidding??? How can she be more obsessed than me?!!!

  5. Do you just want to do the set for me? Stick it here in the comments and I’ll put it together for you!

    BTW I might have a mate who would give yours a run for the money on the U2 stake!

  6. ha ha ha! I’d love to… 😛

    My mate has the whole crazy German thing going for her too tho… 😉

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