Posted by: Le Catch | November 19, 2007

Coming Up This Week…

It’s Pearl Jam and their 1996 release No Code:

Pearl Jam No Code

Album cover above but it also came with a number of Polaroids and a slightly deceptive packaging. Here’s more info:

“The album package consists of 144 polaroid photos that unfold into a 2×2 square, and the pictures, when viewed from afar, blend to form the No Code triangle/eyeball logo that is the theme throughout the album. Later pressings of the album fold into a 1×4 strip, thus losing the ‘hidden message’ effect. These later pressings also include the band name and album title printed directly onto the album cover – the original release contained this information on a removable sticker. Hidden allusions to the central packaging concept are a common trait among many Pearl Jam albums.”

Pearl Jam No Code Hidden image



  1. […] book that was full of bizarre falsehoods about masturbation and hygiene. And the collectors piece, No Code came with assorted photos that differ from record to record. Below you will find a picture of The […]

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