Posted by: Le Catch | November 23, 2007

Another Phantom staffer gets blogging..

Just realised Shane Galvin has a blog! Check it out here.

Shane Galvin 

Shane presents the Friday night Nitelink on Phantom 105.2 Midnight – 2am. It’s a great show if you want to hear something new and electric….or even something old that you might have missed!



  1. Thanks a million, Derek. Much appreciated. Did you see this week’s Guardian – 1000 albums to hear before you die? Think it might interest you. Some great stuff there. Check it out:,,2211598,00.html

  2. Damn….so much for getting any work done today!

  3. […] that my blog has been mentioned on a few sites, including Derek Byrne’s Album Archive, Aoife Mc’s Indie Hour and on the BBC Later! Site, which is very […]

  4. 95% of Irish bloggers are now Phantom FM DJs.

    (I see a humorous post in this somewhere, with lots of linkage and free publicity for me..)

  5. Ha ha! Want a job?

  6. I’ll take that as an official offer and accept. See you next Monday..

  7. Oh…em….right. I better tell the boss so!

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