Posted by: Le Catch | December 5, 2007


U2 Time Magazine

After the release of the Joshua Tree U2 made it onto the front cover of Time magazine, only the fourth band to do so (after The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Band). It was one of the biggest indicators as to how important the band had become particularly in the US. You can buy the front cover of the issue framed here. The Edge is looking particularly moody isn’t he?

On another note: we got a copy of the 20th Anniversary Joshua Tree into the station last night. It comes in a lovely box-set with Cd’s, book, DVD and a collection of pictures on card which will look brilliant if you framed them! We’ll have copies of the album itself to give away over the weekend and another host of goodies too…so stay tuned!  



  1. do a giveaway…i want i want!

  2. Well, you’ll have to listen for a start!

  3. feck off, i do listen…but i can’t help it if i can’t hear it out west! 😛

  4. In-ter-net!


  6. Man – that photo’s aged badly! It was ubiquitous back then.

  7. Thats how I still think of them and get a shock when I see them now!

  8. yeah, they look very dated alright!

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