Posted by: Le Catch | January 10, 2008

Choice Music Prize

Well the shortlist has been announced:

 Adrian Crowley “Long Distance Swimmer” (Tin Angel)
Cathy Davey “Tales Of Silversleeve”(EMI)
Delorentos “In Love With Detail” (Cottage)
Dry County “Unexpected Falls”(Lazybird)
The Flaws “Achieving Vagueness” (Arrivals)
David Geraghty “Kill Your Darlings” (Decal)
Kila “Gambler’s Ballet” (Kila Records)
Roisin Murphy “Overpowered” (EMI)
Stanley Super 800 “Louder & Clearer” (Sofa)
Super Extra Bonus Party “Super Extra Bonus Party” (Alphabet Set)

We mention it here as Phantom’s own Nadine ‘Nadser’ O’Regan is one of the judges. With John Caddell last year it makes two years in a row that Phantom have a representative on the panel which is great. This might help as well though! 😉 Also kudos to Una, Dan (ex-phantom) and Sheena McGinley (Kiosk contributor). Big job ahead!

As per Jim’s page:

 “The live event will take place in Vicar Street, Dublin on Wednesday February 27th and will feature performances from as many of the acts who can play on the night (we’ll be announcing the full details in the next few weeks). Tickets, priced €27 euro including booking fees, go on sale on Monday next. ”

BTW: where are the Future Kings of Spain? Nadser, we shall be having words!



  1. choices, choices….

    see what i did there.

    Even though i have no bearing on the outcome, i’m going with Roisin Murphy.

  2. Cathycathycathy! Ok, I’m kind of biased… but still! Cathycathycathy!

    Although I did see both delorentos and the flaws twice last year… and they were quite good.

    Still love Cathy though! 😀

  3. i love Cathy too….but i still think Something Ilk is a tiny bit better…so i’m basing my opinion on that.

    it’s a bit skewed.

  4. I think Rosin might have a good chance….but would like to see the Flaws take it….nice bunch of lads!

  5. you’re just showing off now you know.

  6. I don’t ‘know’ them!

  7. Re. Future Kings of Spain — I’m disappointed about that too…

  8. Disappointed with the FKOS omission, also no Hooray For Humans??
    The Flaws are my choice, for sheer determination in the face of all that sucks in the music “biz”!

  9. I concur, no FKOS or Hooray For Humans for that matter!

  10. I’m glad Nadser!

  11. Cathy all the way…

    reuuuuuben, i’ve been told….

    It’s been my shower song for ages

  12. The Flaws!? Nice bunch of lads? Pffft that Paul one needs a good telling off…

    But errr nevermind, I still like the music and he didn’t do anything to ME anyway…. just a friend of mine…. tskkkk


  13. Sharon: Your comments got stuck in my spam filter for some reason! Added now! Apologies!

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