Posted by: Le Catch | January 13, 2008

Playlist 13/01/2008

Playlist for Sunday 13th January: Belle and Sebastian – Tigermilk

Trk 1: I Could Be Dreaming

Trk 2: She’s Losing It 

Trk 3: I Don’t Love Anyone

Trk 4: Electronic Renaissance

Trk 5: You’re Just A Baby

Trk 6: My Wandering Days Are Over

Trk 7: We Rule The School

Trk 8: Dog On The Wheels (EP Track)

Trk 9: String Bean Jean (EP Track)

Trk 10: The State I’m In

Trk 11: Expectations

Trk 12: Mary Jo



  1. seriously one of my favourite albums, gutted i missed this, do you (i.e derek byrne or anyone else at phantom) have an mp3 of this that you could maybe e-mail to a desperated fan?

    Please, please, pretty please etc,
    Danny Carroll

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