Posted by: Le Catch | January 14, 2008

Last Call…

…for Blog Awards nominations. Go here to vote

 There are loads of great blogs out there so go make your vote count!

Or you could even vote for a brand new one…some ideas are just good!

BTW: They are looking for judges too if you want to help!



  1. Aw shucks sir, thank you!

    You going to see Dan and Scroobius?

  2. Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Did you see them at the Picnic or the Village? Great gigs! You going?

  3. I’m going to try, but will only be getting back in to Dublin Airport at 9pm. I’m off to interview Goldfrapp.

  4. Great excuse to be late! The 11.30 start time will help anyway!

  5. That is quite decent of you to say, Derek, thanks. I think that I’d rather meet Goldfrapp though! Have you seen her new video? A bit odd, but I can live with that.

  6. awwww you know i luvs you right!?

    yay for Dan Le Sac!

  7. No worries Jim,

    I’ve heard the track but have yet to see the video (no youtube int eh office).

  8. Excellent! I thought it was an early gig, praise be.

    Jim, is that the A&E video? I like the leaf creatures. The two album covers are of her as Pierrot and as a pirate.

  9. i haven’t decided about that new goldfrapp…it’s very…unusual.

    I’m also glad i visited to find out that dan le sac is on late…or else i’d be up there complaining in cradaddy come 9 o clock on friday!

  10. BTW…..keep it mum for now….but there might be a sneaky visit by the boys on Phantom ….. we just need to confirm…but you’ll be the first to know when and where!

  11. ….keep it mum….

  12. Yes….quiet etc!

  13. Jim, is that the A&E video? I like the leaf creatures.

    Yup. I guess that you are a child of nature Sinead! 🙂

  14. Aw thanks dude. You had a hand in the craziness too though big ups to you…

    ie. It’s ALL YOUR FAULT when it goes horribly wrong!! heehee

  15. 😛 I take full responsibility!

  16. All up for the Dan Le Sac meetup…

  17. It’s going to be great! What time you lot hitting town at?

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