Posted by: Le Catch | February 3, 2008

Playlist 03/02/2008

Aerosmith – Pump

Trk 1: My Girl

Trk 2: F.I.N.E. (live in Donnington 1990)

Trk 3: Don’t Get Mad get Even (live in Phili 1990)

Trk 4: Money On My Back (MTV Unplugged)

Trk 5: Waynes World Theme (b-side Other Side)

Trk 6: What It Takes (live 1993)

Trk 7: The Other Side (live 2004)

Trk 8: Young Lust

Trk 9: (Water Song) Janie’s Got A Gun

Trk 10: Love In an Elevator (live in Donnington 1990)

Trk 11: Voodoo Medicine Man (live in Phili 1990)



  1. Uh.
    Waynes world

  2. я вот что скажу: благодарю!!

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