Posted by: Le Catch | February 5, 2008

Song Anomalies…


Due to the stature of the band and indeed the album, there are many anoraks out there who pour over lyrics, chord changes, album artwork etc for hidden meanings. They also look for anomalies in tracks; mistakes, studio sounds and such. Here are a list of some taken from Revolver.

Good Day Sunshine:

0:07 – Cymbals come in suddenly, rather than a complete fade-in.

1:26 – Someone (John? Ringo?) repeats “she feels good.”  This appears to trigger something closely approximating a chuckle from Paul in the next line. Listening closely on the CD, it sounds like  Ringo saying “She f**ing does”. The last word is definitely not “good”, very likely “does”.

1:33 – Bad edit in piano track (right ear) 1:58 – Cut to four vocal tracks is abrupt.

Elanor Rigby:

0:14 – The double tracking is not brought down fast enough after the end of the second “Ahhh, look at all the lonely people” in the introduction.  It continues until the second syllable of “Eleanor.”  The bad mixing of the double tracking continues throughout the rest of the song, every time there is a transition from single to double or vice versa. 1:29 – (Left channel) click

I’m Only Sleeping:
1:57 – Voice says “Yawn Paul”, and 2:01, he does!

Here There and Everywhere:

0:10 – Edit between intro piece and “here”, the tape drops out. (Left)

0:19 – Right channel, “changing / my life” have two different sounds to them. Edit between two takes? 1:06 – At the end of guitar section, under the word “her”, is a fwip. 1:10,1:45 – Between the words “everywhere” and “knowing that love…” is an audible ‘fwip’ of a punch in. (left)


0:03 – Left channel, “One for you 19 for me <cough> 1-2-3-4” 0:35-0:37,0:42-0:44 – Right channel drops out

1:38,1:45 – “Ah ah Mr Wilson/Heath” dropped into lead guitar track (!) with audible clicks

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  1. Should be a great show! Have noticed some of the anomalies before but thought at the time I had just wrecked my moms LP! I know I did ruin her Sgt Peppers which she has NEVER forgiven me for!

  2. Yeah I did that to my Dads James Galway record when i was younger. I think I really did him a favour but he never sees it that way!

  3. You should check out sgt pepper’s, all sorts of fun on that!

  4. although i realise that you all most likely have already checked it out, you know what i mean!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever paid that much attention… I have ruined songs on myself before though by noticing things in them and never being able to listen again without noticing them… damn it!

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