Posted by: Le Catch | February 25, 2008

Coming Up This Week…

Sigur Ros

This is going to be hard!

Phantom listener Shanannigan on the Phantom Boards site asked if I could look at a Sigur Rós album. I’ve been meaning to cover one for a while now but have been put off by the song titles! Pronunciation has always been a challenge for me! So now I’m going to dedicate the week to learning how to get my tongue around titles like “Hjartað hamast” and “Flugufrelsarinn”. So this coming Sunday tune in to hear me fall over myself in the effort. It does help though that the album we covering, Ágætis byrjun, is nothing short of brilliant! And the first track from the album will be a cinch!*


 Sunday midnight, on Phantom 105.2.

*It’s called “Intro”



  1. Ohhh- excellent!! Ahhh live programs- you will have to make sure they podcast this one so your mispronunciations are there for posterity;-)

  2. Sadly with its music content it can’t be podcasted!


  3. Ha-did I forget to mention that nifty piece of software that I came across that can record streams…no pressure…none at all;-)

  4. […] (photo from albumarchive) […]

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