Posted by: Le Catch | March 17, 2008

Playlist for 16/03/2008


The Frames – For The Birds

Trk 1: Fighting On The Stairs

Trk 2: Friends & Foe

Trk 3: Giving Me Wings (recommended album track)

Trk 4: God Bless Mom (b-side)

Trk 5: Mighty Sword (live)

Trk 6: What Happens When the Heart Just Stops (live)

Trk 7: Disappointed

Trk 8: Santa Maria

Trk 9: Headlong (single)

Trk 10: Listen Girl (b-side)

Trk 11: New Partner (b-side)

Trk 12: Lay Me Down (single)

Further Listening: Mic Christopher – “Skylarkin”



  1. That was fast! lol

    Will have to miss tomorrow 😦

    I thought I was going to have to miss the White Stripes next week too but then I realised I can listen to the repeat! 😀 You still have that right?

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