Posted by: Le Catch | May 12, 2008

Coming Up This Week….

It was a ‘morketing execs’ dream…..coming this Sunday at midnight, on Phantom 105.2, it’s the turn of Moby with Play.



  1. Great one even if you couldn’t escape it at the time! Will tune in if I make it through the rest of the week…Battles tonight- hell yeah!

  2. I’d never noticed the the light meter on the Moby cover before…I loved that album at the time though, wouldn’t imagine I’d be so enarmoured of it again now…

  3. I feel obliged to point out I’ll tune in and find out!

  4. Yeah, it’s one of those albums that you just couldn’t get away from at the time….until we were all sick to the teeth of it. Almost so that it’s completely fallen of the map….so hearing it again now isn’t so bad!

    It also gives me a chance to play some of the old samples as well….which is always good!

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