Posted by: Le Catch | July 8, 2008

This Weekend

As Phantom is moving lock, stock and barrel down to punchestown this weekend, there will be no Album Archive this coming Sunday! In fact, it will be the first weekend since the station went on air that there will be no show! But we’ll be making up for it….

Kicking off this coming Friday at 10pm I’ll be presenting the Big Oxegen De-Rig Show. 3 hours of great music to help you settle into your tents for the night…..or help you on your way home from the festival. We’ll be playing plenty of Oxegen bands, hopefully loads of highlights from the days broadcast…..and maybe a few surprises too!

So tune in this Friday, Saturday and Sunday night to Phantom 105.2 for the Big Oxegen De-Rig!



  1. 😮 no way!

    Update the albums you’ve done list. You haven’t updated it since March and I’ve missed every one since the end of May! 😦


  2. Hey Dood, did you have fun? Caught a bit of your show, would have popped in to say hi but I’m not sure what you look like!

  3. Yeah, it was good fun alright! Only made it down for a few hours on the Sunday as I was covering the show from the station every night!

  4. Tahnks for posting

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