Posted by: Le Catch | July 15, 2008

Coming Up This Week…

Whoop….it’s another special!

On July 22nd U2 will be going back to the start of their extensive catalogue and re-releasing Boy, October and War. Remember…you heard it here first! They enjoyed the re-mastered version of Joshua Tree so much they are working on all the old releases. The Edge has taken charge of the job and they are complete and ready for release.

To celebrate, this weekend on Phantom it’s U2 Weekend….loads of prizes to give away and loads of music from the new re-masters. And of course the Album Archive is in the thick of it. This Sunday we’ll be presenting a 2 hour special featuring all three albums! All the history behind the recording, the b-sides, the live tracks, the remixes!

You never know who might turn up……..sadly I won’t be one of them! I have a long-standing engagement starting tomorrow (involves sun, sand and a Ryanair flight). So I’ll be leaving the show in the more than capable hands of John Caddell. Go easy on him now! (in fact I’ll really be giving the show back to him as he used to present it in the ‘ol’ days’ and was good enough to trust it on to me).

So stay tuned to Phantom this weekend for loads of U2 and definitely don’t miss the Album Archive!


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