Posted by: Le Catch | July 31, 2008

Album Archive Flashback…

You might remember when we did a show on Jackson C. Frank back in july last year? Well the bloggers at Naturalismo yesterday revealed some great information:

Jim Abbott, a writer who famously found Jackson living a hand to mouth existence in New York City, has just finished the manuscript for Blues Run the Game: The Tragedy of Jackson C. Frank, likely the only biography of the legendary musician that will ever be written.

Besides a detailed accounting of Frank’s life, you will also learn the stories of several unique characters and events that were important parts of Jackson’s existence. Also included are many never before seen photographs and writings by Jackson, many from his days as a newspaper reporter and editor.

Very, very good news. And not only that but the first 1000 pre-orders also get free CD:

including a couple early rock n roll attempts at Elvis songs, two complete (and one almost complete) alternate versions of songs from the 1965 album, recorded by Judith Piepe in the same flat that housed Jackson, Sandy Denny, Al Stewart and many others. Also, the long lost performances from John Peel’s Night Ride Programme, including a cover of a Pat Sky song called Jimmy Clay, that might just be Jackson’s finest performance ever. And last but not least, by far, one of Jackson’s most haunting and elusive songs, Juliette, recorded in Ulster Park, NY in 1970 and never released anywhere.

More info here



  1. 😀

    I’m there!

  2. I read about this a while ago and was glad to hear that a book has been written about Jackson C. Frank before his name and music are forgotten forever. I first came across Jackson’s music in the late seventies form a version of ‘Blues Run The Game’ that Bert Jansch recorded and after some years of searching managed to get hold of a vinyl version of his 1965 record, which I still have. I would have liked to have heard the show that you did about him.

  3. Donal,

    I am extremely jealous of your ’65 version of his album. I have been on the hunt for one for about a year now. Some day I’ll get it.

    I think we have a lot to thank Jim Abbott for. Without him Jackson’s story would long be forgotten!

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