Posted by: Le Catch | September 8, 2008

Moving House…

New music fans will be interested to hear that Jim Carroll is moving from his Saturday night slot to Thursday at 8pm to start presenting The Producers on Phantom 105.2. The Producers, previously presented by Richie McCormack and Emma Mehan (I even sat in a few times), is our new international music show and an ideal home for Jim if you’re familiar with his previous slot on Phantom.

Saturday nights is generally my only free night which resulted in me missing him most weeks but now we can all catch up with what Phantoms’ most proud of, giving you the best in new music first, with The Producers new host.

The Producers, Thursday at 8pm on Phantom 105.2


  1. Managed to catch his show on Sat and definitely good news that he will be on at a more sociable hour! (so when is the Album Archive going to get back its 9pm slot??)
    I did like the format on that show since he had some great oldies on as well…hopefully he can sneak a few on The Producers with the ‘old is new’ type of thinking;-)

  2. I’m sure Jim will push a few boundries!

    As for the album archive….I quite like my midnight slot. gives me a bit more freedom!

  3. Ehh.. that picture looks spectacularly stalkery le catch!

  4. I heart Jim and Sinead!

  5. That picture is freaky!

    Thanks for the nice comments Derek. Looking fwd to doing the new show for a spell.

  6. Derek, I can see that you certainly do heart them! 🙂

  7. nice

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