Posted by: Le Catch | September 17, 2008

Awards Awards Awards!

You may remember this from last October. Well it’s that time again and Phantom have been nominated for 4 awards this year….and guess what, The Album Archive is up for one of them!! Myself and John Caddell are nominated for our U2 Joshua Tree Special under the category Music Special.

Over. The. Moon.

Phantom also picked up nominations for New Irish Music with Icon, Documentary for Fiona Scally’s wonderful ‘Last Rewind’, and Station Imaging! Great news for everyone in Phantom…so fingers crossed for October 10th down in Kilkenny! But there’s more…

Now, on October 11th is the annual Irish Web Awards, and I’ve just learnt that this blog is longlisted for an award there too! Best Music Site sponsored by! This is turning into a crazy week! October could be worse I think!


  1. Damn- September is certainly being good to you and October could be better- great party if I remember the pics from last year! Well deserved and best of luck with both!

  2. Ah D, CONGRATS! You feck’n ledge, ya!

    (This is good karma and well deserved…besotted Toni says hello :p)

  3. Thanks folks!

  4. You the Man!!! Well done, got my fingers crossed for you!!

  5. Awww cool congrats! 🙂

  6. sweeeet! good luck Derek

  7. […] National Radio Awards Well today is the big day, so fingers crossed […]

  8. thanks. nice review. keep it u. thanks

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