Posted by: Le Catch | October 10, 2008

PPI National Radio Awards

Well today is the big day, so fingers crossed eh?

In the time being…this week on the show we’ll be looking at Soundgarden – Superunknown! Sunday at midnight on Pahntom 105.2, PPI Music Station of the Year (for the next few hours anyway)!


  1. You got a silver award! 🙂 Well done!!!!

    And Phantom got a bronze… hmmmm… I’m biased but 98 and spin are rubbish 😦
    At least Phantom still got a mention!

  2. Well done bollicky!
    I’ll let you buy me a pint on Saturday to celebrate!

  3. Le Catch, fair play on the spelling of your station!!

  4. updaaaaate!

  5. Also, is BROKEN! 😦 I told you YEARS ago to do a Snow Patrol album btw 😛 😉

  6. cool ! go on !

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