The Hit-list

This is the shows wish-list. Most of the albums we choose to cover come from our listeners’ suggestions so this is the page where you can hold sway over Phantom and get to hear an entire hours worth of music from your favorite album.

Have a look at the Archive first to see if we have already covered it and if not lash your suggestion into a comment and I’ll include it on the Hit-list. Pay attention to key dates as well (anniversary of release, death of band member, or upcoming new album) as this will give it a better chance of being included in the show!

Here’s what we have in the pipeline at the moment (not in order of preference) :

  • Hole – Live Through This

  • Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast

  • Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation

  • Mercury Rev – Deserter’s Song

  • Radiohead – Amnesiac

  • Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

  • Led Zeppelin – 4

  • Longpigs – The Sun Is Often Out

  • U2 – Pop

  • Pearl Jam – Ten

  • Elliott Smith – From a Basement on the Hill

  • Rage Against The Machine – RAGM

  • Neil Young – Harvest

  • Final Fantasy – He Poos Clouds

  • The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry

  • Blind Melon – Blind Melon


  1. Isn’t it about time you threw a Beatles album in somewhere? Don’t ask me which one I only own two and some random compilations… but still… sorry, in a Beatles mood, damn powerpuff girls!

  2. Good call. Revolver on the list!

  3. Hooray! I have that one! 🙂

  4. Derek sham, My fav album is Nevermind for many reasons, but if your gonna make a list of the bends has to get a mention. 1 of the best albums of the 90’s. From start to finish. PURE CLASS

  5. Already covered both lad! Have a look at the archive!

  6. What about an aul Elliott Smith? All his stuff is gold!

  7. I’ve covered Either/Or about a year ago! I think it’s time we dragged another one up alright! Basement on a Hill added!

  8. Derek,
    For the Birds, The Frames, is well worth a spin, their best album by far, the sleeve notes give more than enough raw material for links between songs. It may open people eyes to the true talent of the frames when they are left do their own thing, complements on the show to date, michael

  9. Good call Michael,

    Added to the list and should get it on the week after next!

  10. Ok, Ok, The archive, I see how this place works now, as far as i can see a classic that didnt get a mention from ’92 R.A.T.M. Wit

    And Derek, just to be pradictable, with the new album out very shortly, Tapes N Tapes ‘The Loon’

  11. typo above sorry sham,( Wit )

  12. Good call lad! I’ll get them added now!

  13. […] The Hit-list […]

  14. When are you doing the flaming lips?

  15. Soon Dumpling! Soon!

  16. Scandalous, The Cure hasn’t been done yet! Well, they’ve a new double album coming out soon and I reckon either ‘Disintegration’ or ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ would make great listening on a sunday night. What say you Mr Catch?!

  17. What bout Portishead? Dummy is an amazing album. Some Pavement would be nice too!!

  18. Funny you mention that Vincent…only just re-bought Dummy in HMV for €5.99 the other week and have been listening to it all over again.

    I’ll stick it on in the coming weeks to tie in with the new album!

    Chandy – The Cure is on it’s way soon as well! Not sure which one first….but their there indeed some great options!

  19. What about some Neil Young? Not sure what exactly, there’s a good few you could pick, Goldrush or Rust Never Sleeps?! Was ‘He Poos Clouds’ not in there once or has it been done? Classic.

    Paul McCartney’s debut or Chaos & Creation? 😀

  20. sorry scratch C&C actually, it’s good though probably not a classic.

  21. Ronan – you’re right He Poos Clouds was there…don’t know what happened to it. Added Harvest as well. Great album!

  22. about time 4 abita daft punk discovery?

  23. hi derek, i catch your show most weeks,its a great show! i have a suggestion for album archive, but im not sure if you have any qualifying rules!!?? its ‘where the pyramid meets the eye’ a tribute to rocky erickson, from the 13th floor elevators. so its a covers album, but includes a variety of well known bands which include:Primal Scream-The Butthole Surfers-The Jesus and Mary Chain-ZZtop-and some other maybe less well known bands Angry Samoans and Doug Sahm and Sons. Not sure if Rocky is well known himself!! But if your listeners like any of them, im sure they would appreciate songs like Reverberation,Earthquake,Trip inside this houseTwo headed dog and leave your body behind. Really would love other people to be introduced or re-introduced to this truely original space cadet!! and you checkin out all the history!! all the hard stuff …dave

  24. Would be great to hear some stuff of the debut album by redtwelve. The album is called “mines” and is set for release on 18th Sept 09!

    Shameless plug i’m afraid…

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